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1680 Engraved Portrait African King - Slavery - Royalty - Paris - Guinea Crown

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1680 ENGRAVED PORTRAIT AFRICAN KING SEPARATELY ISSUED [Black History] [Africa] [Guinea] [King Of] Bertrand, Pierre and L'Armessin Family (engravers). Tombut, Roy De La Guinee . . .. 24 x 17.1 cm. Engraved portrait. Fine copy. De L'Armessin, Scul. A Paris Chez P. Bertrand Rue St. Iacques a la Pomme d'or Proche St. Severin, Avec Privil, du (Roy). (1680). - - - Within an oval frame the king is depicted with crown. Shown right side facing left, he holds a scepter in his right hand, the scepter extending over his shoulder and across the center of his chest. Pearls surround his neck and a pearl hangs from his right ear lobe. A bearded man, he is probably in his late twenties or early thirties. Below the frame is considerable text. This beautifully engraved portrait was separately issued in Paris by the engravers Bertrand and Larmessin; it has not been taken from a book. Benezit (1), p. 705 (Bertrand). Benezit (6), pp. 455-456 (Larmessin family).

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