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1811 Virginia Indenture. Signed John Tayloe & John Tayloe Lomax. Middlesex Co.

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1811 Virginia Indenture. Signed John Tayloe & John Tayloe Lomax. Middlesex Co.

Document Signed. John Tayloe & John Tayloe Lomax as trustees of the estate of Ralph Wormeley, deceased.

Transferring title to 121.5 acres in Middlesex County to Christopher Harwood for $607.50  

Also Signed by witnesses: James Ross; Elliott Muse; (?) Banks; George D. Nicolson.

Manuscript document in ink. Single sheet written on both sides. 11-3/4 x 7-5/8 inches. Overall very good condition.

Historical Notes:

John Tayloe III (1770-1828) Plantation owner, Mt. Airy in Richmond County, Virginia. Businessman, shipbuilding at Neabsco Iron Works, Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia. Military officer, as Captain of Dragoons during the Whiskey Rebellion and in 1799 President John Adams appointed him Major of the Light dragoons; during the War of 1812 Tayloe was made commander of the cavalry of the District of Columbia. Tayloe served in the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia. Tayloe built the Octagon House in Washington, D.C.

John Tayloe Lomax (1781-1862) First professor of Law at the University of Virginia. Jurist. Author. Born Port Tobago, Caroline County, Virginia; died in Fredericksburg.

James Ross operated a store in the Old Tobacco Warehouse in the town of Urbanna. Emancipated slaves in 1802.

Elliott Muse Bought and sold several estates in Middlesex County including “Glebe” & “Hampstead.”

Rev. (?) Banks. We locate two Reverend Banks in Middlesex; Temple Banks & James Banks.

George Dudley Nicolson M.D. of Williamsburg built home “Deer Chase” in Middlesex in 1812. Surgeon in the War of 1812. Married Sara Tayloe Wormeley, his cousin.

Christopher Harwood (carpenter, contractor)

Ralph Wormeley V (1744-1806) Member of the Virginia House of Delegates and in the Virginia Convention of 1788. Owned Rosegill estate in Middlesex County, Virginia.

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