1862. Illustrated Anti-Confederate War Envelope. West Virginia. jackass

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 SECESSION IS FOLLY. Illustrated Anti-Confederate War Envelope.

[West Virginia] [Civil War] [Secession]

Brown & Ryan (publishers). /illustration of jackass designated Eastern Virginia straining to jump off a cliff as a man designated Western Virginia struggles to pull the animal back by its tail/ No Folly 'neath The Sun Surpasses The Folly Of Those Suicidal Asses!

7.8 x 14 cm. (3.1 x 5.5 inches). Very good. Copyright secured by Brown & Ryan, New York. (c1862). - - -

Union presses produced hundreds of these illustrated anti-Confederate war envelopes. "Over 40 years of specializing in American ephemera, I have not seen this one before." - Thomas Truxun Moebs.