1939 Air Raid Precautions Equipment Catalog Firefighting Decontamination Rescue

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 1939 Air Raid Precautions Equipment Catalog Firefighting

WWII – A. R. P. (Air Raid Precautions) Equipment by the Metal Agencies Company Ltd. Bristol. 3rd Edition. August, 1939. List No. 100. With prices. 32 pages. With Trade Discount Sheet. Illustrated. 8-5/8 inches. Soft cover. Wraps. “..This list chiefly describes Firefighting, Decontamination and Rescue Party Equipment …” Light age toning. Very good condition.

Includes in part: “Bucket Fire Pump; Fire Buckets; Asbestos Fire Smothering Blankets; Beresford – Stork Fire Engine; Fire Extinguishers; Fire Hydrants; Warning Signals; Gun-metal Steam Whistles; Hand Bells; A.R.P. Warning Rattles; Electro-Motor Syrens (sirens); Steel Scaffolding; Gasproof Felt; Black-out Reinforcing Paper; Flares; Lanterns; Floodlight; A.R.P. Electric Lamps (light bulbs) Sprayed Dark Blue; Torch & Lamps (Flashlights); Emergency Telephone System; Crowbars; Pickaxes; Shovels; Saws; Fire Devils; Showers for Decontamination; “Mermot” Galvanized Water Heater; Lime Washing Pump; Galvanized Buckets; Head Protection (Helments – steel pots). (Service, Defiance, Fibre); Gas Masks; Protective Clothing; Anti-Gas Rubber Boots; Auxillary Fireman’s Equipment; Tubular Stretchers; Emergency Stretcher Carriers for Tradesmen’s Vans; First Aid Equipment; Air Raid Shelter; Semi-Rotary Pumps; Sandbags; Faulkner’s Sandbag Filler; Sanitation for Air Raid Shelters; Air Filters and Ventilators; A.R.P. Manhole Cover and Frame; Sliding Steel Shutters for Window Protection; Basement Strengthening to Provide Air Raid Shelters (adjustable struts); Concrete Mixers; Durasteel Panels.”

“Protection of Vital Machinery: … Several hundreds of small incendiary bombs weighing about 2 lbs. each can be carried by aircraft and releleased over a small area. These bombs, when dropped from a height of 1000 feet, will pierce the ordinary type of roof, and would ignite on the floor of the top story. / The danger of these bombs cannot be over-estimated, particularly in factories containing inflammable or explosive materials. The ideal protection is afforded by the use of Durasteel Panels bplted to a Tubular Steel Structure forming a Protective Roof. Durasteel is a Composite Sheeting of Compressed Asbestos, faced with Steel Sheets, giving great strength. Design and Prices submitted on application to our Scaffolding Department.”