An Exposition of the Symbole of the Apostles..Articles of Faith 1581 Xerox copy

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An Exposition of the Symbole of the Apostles, or Rather of the Articles of Faith. In Which the Chief Points of the Everlasting and Free Covenant Between God and the Faithful is Briefly and Plainly Handled. Gathered Out of the Catechizing Sermons of Gasper Olevian Trevir, And Now translated Out of the Tongue Into English for the Benifite of Christ His Church. By John Field. London. Printed by H. Middleton, for Thomas Man, and Tobie Smith. 1581. 253 pages. Xerox copy of the 1581 printing. Two pages printed side by side on one side of each leaf. Bound in black cloth with the title “Symbole Of The Apostles” in gilt on spine. Oblong. 11-1/4 x 8-1/2 inches. Bound by Heckman Bindery, Inc., N. Manchester, Indiana. 2003. Very good condition.

Gasper Olevian Trevir (1536-1587) / John Field (d. 1587)

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