Autobiography of Colonel Robert Sanford Offley Spanish-Am War. Philippines US

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Offley, John Brockenbrough (Editor). Autobiography of Colonel Robert Sanford Offley. Williamsburg, Virginia: Privately Published, 1999. 11 Inches. Soft Cover. Very Good condition. 1-23,(22),24-49 pages. Wraps. Illustrated.   - - - Robert Sanford Offley (1869-1944). Sargent in the U.S. Signal Corps 1891-1894; 2nd Lieutenant in the 10th U.S. Infantry 1894 serving in Cuba during the Spanish-American War; 1st Lieutenant with the 7th U.S. Infantry in Alaska; Captain with the 30th U.S. Infantry 1901; Philippine Islands; Governor of the Island of Mindoro 1902-1908; Colonel 41st Division, A.E.F. during WWI; Forty years active duty. Retired 1932.

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