H & B Radio Catalogue No 85 (circa 1920s) Magnavox; Radiola; Howe Crystal Fada

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 H & B Radio Catalogue No. 85. (circa 1920s) Magnavox; Radiola; Howe Crystal; Fada

H & B Radio Catalogue No. 85. (circa 1920s). Hendrie & Bolthoff Mfg. and Supply Company, Denver, Colorado. 87 pages. Illustrated. 10 inches. Printed wraps. Soft cover. Lightly used. Very good condition. - - - Art Deco cover art signed with artist Monograph: “GB” over a circle pierced by and arrow at 225 degrees (South west). - - - Includes in part: Howe Crystal receivers; Radiola; Radiola Regenoflex; Fada “Neutrola Grand”; Magnavox Broadcast Receivers; Radiola Loud Speakers; Brandes Table – Talkers; Magnavox Radio Reproducer (R-3; R-2; M-4); Magnavox One – Stage Amplifier; Hand Transmitters and Tone Arms; Phonograph Attachments; Radiotron Vacuum Tubes; Eveready Batteries; Exide Batteries; Tuska Knobs and Dials; NA-Ald Dials; Weston Instruments for the Radio Amateur; Loop Antennas; Fahnestock Antenna Connectors; Electrad Lead-In; Ducon Lamp Socket Antenna; “Freidag” Aerial Mast Pipe Fixtures; Lightning Arresters; Crystal Parts; High frequency Buzzers; Formica Sheets, Tubes, Rods; Radio Books; The Acre cabinets; The Timmons “B”-Liminator.

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