Jamestown Colony Virginia Indians Captain Newport Voyage Chesapeake Bay Signed

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Jamestown Colony Virginia Indians Captain Newport Voyage Chesapeake Bay Signed

 The Conquest of Virginia: The Second Attempt, An Account, Based on Original Documents, of the Attempt, Under the King’s Form of Government, to Found Virginia at Jamestown, 1606-1610. By: Conway Whittle Sams. Keyser-Doherty Printing Corporation. Norfolk, Virginia. 1929. (First Edition). xlix, 916 pages. Illustrated. An account, based on original documents, of the attempt, under the King's form of government, to found Virginia at Jamestown. 1606 - 1610. Hardcover. Recent rebound in blue cloth with title in gilt on the spine and front cover, new end pages. Top page edges gilt. Folding maps. Inscribed by the author in ink on the blank page before the half-title page: “Autographed for that appreciative reader of serious books, Margaret Burruss, by her friend Conway Whittle Sams, April 17th 1929.” Light use, occasional page corner turned, Very good condition.

Great historical content!

Includes in Part: Historical Summary of the Early Presidents and Councilors; The Royal Virginia Company; Preparations for the Voyage; The Sarah Constant, the Goodspeed and the Discovery, and Their Crews; The “First Planters” Land on Virginia Soil; Jamestown Founded; Property Rights and Political Construction; At Wer-o-wo-com-o-co; Newport’s Voyage of Discovery Up the James; Hostile Indians; Smith Released From Imprisonment; Wingfield Deposed From the Presidency; The First Civil War in the Colony; Trading With the Indians; Smith’s Journey Up the Chickahominy and His Captivity With the Indians; Smith Court Martialed, Saved From Execution at Jamestown by Captain Newport; Newport’s Second Arrival, 1608; The First Burning of Jamestown; Newport Voyage Up the York; Indian Opposition;  Smith’s First Voyage of Discovery Up the Chesapeake Bay, 1608; Smith Becomes President; Newport’s Third Arrival in Virginia; Newport’s Discovery of the Mon-a-can Country; More Troubles at Jamestown; Smith Tries to Kill Powhatan; Sir Thomas Gates, Governor, and Sir George Somers, Admiral, With Newport, Now Vice-Admiral, Sail With the Great Fleet From England, Making Newport’s Fourth Voyage to Virginia, 1609; The Enemy Within the Fold; The So Called Powhatan’s Chimney; Smith’s Poor Administration; The Spanish Menace; Plots and Conspiracies; The Arrival in Virginia of Several of the Ships Which Survived the Great Tempest; Martin’s Settlement at Nansemond and West’s Settlement at the Falls; The Second Civil War in the Colony, Smith Overthrown, 1609, and Sent to England For Trial; Conditions of the Colony After Smith’s Departure; Captain Smith Indicted; The Death of captain Radcliffe; Adventures of Thomas Savage and Henry Spelman; The Wreck of theSea Adventure.” Gates Arrives in Virginia, 1610; The Second Attempt Comes to an End, Jamestown Abandoned, 1610; Lord Delaware; Some Contemporary Events, 1610; Conclusion.

Appendix: The Charter of 1606; The King’s Plan of Colonial Government; Orders from the Council in England for the First Expedition; Instructions from the Council for Virginia in England to the Council in Virginia; The Enlargement by the King of the Numbers and Powers of the Virginia Council in England; A List of the “First Planters,” 1606; The “First Supply,” being a list of Those who came over early in 1608; The “Second Supply,” a List of Those who came over in October, 1608; A Partial List of Those who came over with Sir Thomas Gates from the Bermudas, 1610.

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