January 22, 1777 Edition London Gazette On Rebel Ships & Privateers Rhode Island

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The single sheet and complete January 22, 1777 edition of The London Gazette, covering two letters just received from Rhode Island via His Majesty's Ship Mercury, in which commanders cover both ground and naval operations there:

From Lieutenant-General H. Clinton from Newport Rhode Island, December 9, 1776, a letter to Lord George Germain in which he describes ground operations, having received General Howe's orders to "embark, with Two Brigades of British and Two Brigades of Hessian Troops" for the purpose of defending and taking possession of "this island".

From Commodore Sir Peter Parker from Chatham, Rhode Island Harbour, December 11, 1776, a letter to Mr. Stephens in which he describes naval operations against hostile forces and states that he hopes, in Providence, to put an effectual Stop to any farther mischief from that Nest of Pirates there, and, also on this same date, from Chatham, Rhode Island, A List.of Rebel Ships and Privateers, commonly called the Continental Fleet.

Halfpenny tax stamp, measuring 7" x 12".

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