Light House Keeper Raspberry Island Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Wisconson

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Light House Keeper. Raspberry Island, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin (Lake Superior)

Photograph. 9-15/16 x 8 inch. Subject: Francis Jacker. Pencil notation on the reverse side Dated: June 24, 1921. Slight ripple to the photograph. Very good condition.

Historical Notes:

The Raspberry Island Light structure was nearly ready for use by the end of 1863.

When Francis Jacker took over the post of the raspberry Light the work was hard: "Proper surveillance of the revolving apparatus during the long nights of the fall when frequent windings are required, is exhausting," he wrote in his log. Not only that, the situation was dangerous: "In case of an emergency, no assistance is available on the island," he added.

Jacker's worst fears nearly came true in September, 1887. Attempting to move the station's small sailboat to a sheltered spot in the face of a rising storm, he was blown off course and shipwrecked on nearby Oak Island. He spent nearly three days, cold, hungry, and forlorn on the uninhabited island. Certain that he was doomed to perish of starvation, he was elated when a small boat approached the shore. His wife had decided to pay him a visit, and horrified to find her husband missing, organized a search.

Francis Jacker was the brother of the Jesuit missionary Father Jacker who resided on Mackinac Island until summer 1876, when he moved to St. Ignace, Michigan.

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