Ravenscroft ALS 1825 1st Bishop North Carolina. Protestant Episcopal Church

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Ravenscroft ALS 1825 1st Bishop N. Carolina. Protestant Episcopal Church


John Stark Ravenscroft (1772- 1830)

Right Reverend John Stark Ravenscroft, Bishop, Protestant Episcopal Church. North Carolina

To: Revd. Robert B. Croes


Autograph Letter Signed, (ALS). Ravenscroft, John Stark. Raleigh. (North Carolina). 16 June 1825. 3 pages. Addressed to: Revd. Robert b. Croes, Richmond, Virginia. Postmarked: Raleigh. 9-7/8 x 7-7/8 inches. A few tears/holes on page three at the folds. An unobtrusive ½ hole and tear where the wax seal was attached. Overall very good condition.

“…The Bible Society question has become identified with Presbyterian Interests …

…they play my Game for me, in attracting attention, and forcing reflection on the principles of Revealed Religion, upon the public mind … in the structure of the various sects which deform Christianity. …Church of Christ … I had rather grapple with John Rice than with P. Mitchell and have already paid my respects to him…my sermon on the Rule of Faith… …request you send me the numbers of his magazine which contain any thing on my various subjects…

I send you a copy of the Bible (?) Sermons, my late Convention Sermons and a reprinted one for the use of my Flock and a link in the chain… we are so poor here… Our Journals and a charge from me to the Diocese are not yet printed, but will be out shortly…

I beg my kindest remembrances to Bishop Moore when he returns… New Bern… Edenton…

…I perceive that Bishop Moore or Kemp are not known to the Alexandria School…

I Hope trust and Pray … As the Church becomes known, it is respected…

[Signed] Jn S. Ravenscroft”



Historical Notes:

- John Stark Ravenscroft was the first Bishop of North Carolina.

- Spring Bank (Lunenburg Co.), known also as Ravenscroft and Magnolia Grove, was built in 1793 for John Stark Ravenscroft and his wife, Anne, a member of the Burwell and Carter families, Tidewater Virginia gentry. It has a five-part, or Palladian plan—the only such example in Lunenburg County… The property had been part of the vast landholdings of Colonel Lewis Burwell, Anne’s father, and represents early settlement in the area by one of Virginia’s oldest and most widely connected colonial families. Armistead Burwell, Anne’s grandfather, originally patented over 3,000 acres when the county was formed in 1746, 610 of which were sold to Ravenscroft for the building of the house. Ravenscroft, born in 1772 in Prince George County, attended schools in Scotland and England, and later enrolled at William and Mary, where he earned the nickname “Mad Jack.” His family had strong ties to the Anglican Church, and he would later become the first Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina, serving from 1823-30. - - - Virginia Department of Historic Resources. Number 51. 2007. Notes on Virginia. Virginia Landmarks Register.

- St. Paul’s Church, Greenville, North Carolina. … When the diocese finally became functional in 1817, it still did not have its own bishop, but received Episcopal visitations from the Rt. Rev. Richard Channing Moore, Bishop of Virginia. Bishop Moore preached several times in Greenville in 1819. … During 1825-1826, the Rev. Joseph Pierson of St. Peter’s Church, Washington, North Carolina, visited Greenville to initiate a Protestant Episcopal congregation and perform baptisms. The first visit to Greenville by a Bishop of North Carolina occurred in May 1825, when the Rt. Rev. John Stark Ravenscroft preached to the few Episcopalians and other area residents.

- Ravenscroft authored: The doctrines of the church vindicated from the misrepresentations of Dr. John Rice; and the integrity of revealed religion defended against the "No comment principle" of promiscuous bible societies. ...  N.C. 1826

- Robert B. Croes was an assistant to Bishop Richard Channing Moore, Episcopal Church. Diocese of Virginia. Croes was assistant minister of the Monumental Church in Richmond, Va. Croes was rector of St. John’s Church, Richmond 1833.

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