Spanish American War General Order From Lieut Col Kellogg Fort Sill. E H Plummer

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Spanish American War General Order From Lieut. Col. Kellogg, Fort Sill

[Spanish American War] Typed Manuscript Signed. E. H. Plummer By Order of Lieut. Col. Kellogg. General Order No.10. Typed and manuscript. Fort Sill. April 18, 1898. “The garrison of this post has been ordered to other stations. / Before the severance of ties which will always be a pleasing memory to him. The commanding Officer wishes to thank officers and men for the cordial support and assistance which they have given him. / In a service of thirty-seven years he has never been associated with better soldiers or more agreeable comrades. / It seems probable that our country will soon require our services on the field of battle. The flag which we love – the flag carried to victory on many fiels by Americans, - by our fathers, - will be as bravely borne by you, and your grateful countrymen will honor your patriotism and devotion to duty. / By order of Lieut. Col. Kellogg / (Signed) E. H. Plummer / 1st. Lieut. 10th. Infantry. / Adjutant.” 6-3/4 x 7-7/8 inches. With detached backing. Age toned. Very good condition.

Historical Note: Lieutant Colonel Edgar Romeyn Kellogg, Tenth Infantry Battalion, left Fort Sill, April 19th, (18998). Nelson A. Miles, Major (Commanding General) sent a telegram to Kellogg at Rush Springs. Kellogg sent Captain W. C. Brown & his troop of the first Cavalry back to Fort Sill to quell a suspected uprising by Geronimo & the Apaches. Geronimo is recorded saying “I am a U.S. soldier. I wear the uniform, and it makes my heart sore to be thus suspected.” All was calm with-in a week. – Testimony of Capt. Edward Hinkley Plummer. – Investigation of Conduct of War With Spain – N.Y. November 19, 1898.

Plummer retired: Brigadier-General, a West Point Graduate, November 30, 1918 after 40 years’ service.