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"Springfield Arms: Milestones of a Great National Armory"Army Ordnance magazine

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 "Springfield Arms:  Milestones of a Great National Armory."Army Ordnance magazine. XX, No. 115

"Springfield Arms:  Milestones of a Great National Armory."  Clifford A. Miller. 10 pages + fold out. (pages: 12-21). Article in the Army Ordnance magazine. XX, No. 115. (July-August 1939). 68 pages. Printed wraps. 12-1/16 inches. “A Review of Industrial Preparedness for National Defense. Published By The Army Ordnance Association Washington, D. C.” Used. Edge worn. Light soiling. Slight warp. Front cover detached. Overall good condition.


TLS (Typed Letter Signed) Patterson, C. Meade. To James C. Rasmussen. February 26, 1962. The Potomac Arms Collector’s Association stationary. Tears to the top edge. Overall very good condition. Letter concerns the “Springfield Armory” article, in part.