VMI Cadet Photographs - Virginia Military Institute - Lexington - 1879-81 CDVs

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[Virginia] [VMI] [Photography] 52 Photographs. Circa 1879-1881. 33 Identified Virginia Military Academy Cadet CDVs; 3 unidentified Cadet CDVs; 3 identified Cabinet Cards, 1 Cadet, 1 group of four Cadets, 1 female; 2 unknown Cadet Cabinet Cards; 5 unidentified civilian CDVs; 6 unidentified civilians.  - - - Ownership of photographs attributed to: John Anderson Chisholm


Uniformed V.M.I. Cadets. 33 Card de Visites. 4-1/8 x 2-1/2 inches. – Signed on reverse.

1- Charlton(?) March 20th '79 Miley, Lexington, Va.

2- Poage, W. S. (Waller – '79) “..brother in K.A.(Kappa Alpha Order)” Miley, Lexington, Va.

3- Davis, Jos(eph) B. Richmond, Va. VMI. Class '79 “K.A.” (?Planters Bank). Miley, Lexington, Va.

4- Rutledge, B(enjamin) H. Charleston, S. Ca(rolina) VMI ('80) Miley, Lexington, Va.

5- P(reston), W(illiam) B. Blacksburg. “Don't forget the Battery firing old mouse – Rat.” Miley, Lexington, Va.

6- Hightower, A. R. VMI '79. Miley, Lexington, Va.

7- Henery, Jas. C. VMI. Natchiloches, Louisiana. Miley, Lexington, Va.

8- Jenry, Theo. D., Jr. Charleston, S. Ca(rolina). “Your friend & Bugman.” Miley, Lexington, Va.

9- McCord, Jas. H. St. Joseph, Missouri. VMI '79. ('80). Miley, Lexington, Va.

10- Sibley, John A. Agusta, Ga. VMI '79 ('81). Miley, Lexington, Va.

11- McCorkle, J(ohn) J. ('80). Miley, Lexington, Va.

12- Stephens, J(oseph) S. ('81) “Yours in the bonds of K.A.” Miley, Lexington, Va.

13- Sloss, Alex(ander) C. ('81) St. Louis, Mo. “Yours in K.A.” Miley, Lexington, Va.

14- Welsh, W. L. Danville, Ky. ('81). Miley, Lexington, Va.

15- Stanard, Wm. K. Miley, Lexington, Va.

16- Warrick, C. W. (Warrington, Va?) Miley, Lexington, Va.

17- Watson, Geo. 113 W. Franklin, Richmond, Va. VMI. April 10, “79. Miley, Lexington, Va.

18- Terry, Jno. Y(?). (Indy?) Wytheville, Va. “friend in bonds of K.A.” VMI. Miley, Lexington, Va.

19- Williams, Pierce B. (Rocky Comfort, Ak.) “Natural Bridge.” ('79). Miley, Lexington, Va.

20- Lucado, G. Funsten. Lynchburg, Va. VMI. Sept 8, 1878. Miley, Lexington, Va.

21- Murrell, Geo. R. “Yours in K.A.” VMI. June 20th, 1879. Miley, Lexington, Va.

22- Higgins, Claud G. Lexington, Ky. Miley, Lexington, Va.

23- Herndon, E. New Orleans, La. “Goose” VMI. July 4th, 1879. Miley, Lexington, Va.

24- Hall, (?) B. & Gill, J. B. (cadets in top hats). Miley, Lexington, Va.

25- Moore, W. P. Norfolk, Va. ('80). Miley, Lexington, Va.

26- Browne, C. W. Lexington, Va. Miley, Lexington, Va.

27- Cameron, Alex (Petersburg, Va. “81)

28- Covey, J. M. J. MD. “to his friend Chisolm” KEK. (class of “82). Miley, Lexington, Va.

29- Brauer, John B. VMI. Cadet. Oct 30, “78. Richmond, Va. Miley, Lexington, Va.

30- Alslow, Jos. K. South Carolina. VMI. Class “78-”82. Dec 20th, 1878. Miley, Lexington, Va.

31- Adams, (?), H. VMI. Miley, Lexington, Va.

32- Jackson, Natlie T. “To Anderson Chisholm..” 2/23/79. Havens, Savannah, Ga.

33- Goldsby, John A. VMI. Jan. 3rd, 1879. ('82). “your true friend.” Miley, Lexington, Va.


3 Cabinet Cards. 6-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches. – Signed on reverse.

1- The four Rats of the “A. T. (Omega)” (Group Photograph – Cadets in uniform)

Goldsby, J. A. Ala.

Price, W. H. Mo.

Archer, R. Va.

Alston, J. K. S.C.

Miley, Lexington, Va.

2- Davis, Jos. B. (class of '79) Richmond, Va. Miley, Lexington, Va.

3- Chisholm, Ladie (young female) #144 Gaston street, Savannah, Ga. Rockwood Photographer, N.Y.


Historical Note:


John Anderson Chisholm is a country gentleman living near Charlottesville on his estate Wilton.. business and the social and public interests of Albemarle County.. His country property consists of three hundred and twenty-four acres.

Mr. Chisholm was born at Savannah, Georgia, November 5, 1861. His father, Judge Walter Scott Chisholm, was a graduate of the University of Georgia and a distinguished Southern lawyer, being general counsel for the Southern Express Company and vice-president and general counsel for the Plant System of Railroads.

John Anderson Chisholm was reared in Savannah, and lived there until he was sixteen years of age. At that time he entered the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, and also had four years of practical training as a ship owner and in the timber and lumber business as an apprentice with Alfred Dobell & Company of Liverpool, England. For one year he also enjoyed extensive travel over Europe, and on returning home was secretary to his father until 1890.

He is also alumnus adviser of the Lambda Chapter of the Kappa Alpha fraternity of the University of Virginia. Mr. Chisholm was one of the organizers and is a large stockholder in the National Bank of Charlottesville.- History Of Virginia, Virginia Biography. Vol. IV. American Historical Society. 1924.